As the school year draws to a close, the Interact Club reflects on a season filled with meaningful community service projects and valuable learning experiences.

Since February, the club has been actively engaged in various initiatives aimed at making a positive impact in their community. Their commitment to service was evident in their involvement with the Manna Food Bank, where club members volunteered their time to assemble food packets for those in need. This early engagement set the tone for a busy month of April, during which the club remained steadfast in its dedication to serving others.

One notable highlight was the club’s successful bake sale, which raised funds to support the organization’s mission. The support of the PSC campus community, particularly through the purchase of baked goods, was instrumental in the success of this endeavor. Additionally, club members provided hands-on assistance at the Ronald McDonald House, including meal preparation for families and other tasks to support the organization’s operations.

In mid-April, the club had the opportunity to further expand their knowledge and understanding of community service at the Rotary District Conference. Hosted by the Manna Food Bank, the conference provided valuable insights into available resources and deepened the club members’ understanding of the Rotary Club’s mission and its impact on humanitarian efforts.

Mr. James Fitzpatrick, the Rotary Liaison, and Kelly Greiner, Curriculum Coordinator, and Interact Club Advisor, have been instrumental in guiding the club’s activities throughout the year. Looking ahead, they expressed excitement about involving 9th and 10th graders in the club’s activities in the upcoming year, fostering a culture of service and engagement within the entire student body.

As the Interact Club concludes another successful season, its members are proud of the impact they have made in their community and look forward to continuing their commitment to service in the future. Their dedication serves as a testament to the power of youth-driven initiatives in creating positive change and fostering a spirit of compassion and community engagement.