Why Attend?

Charter Academy at Pensacola State College

Tune in to this interview featuring Dean Bill Emerson for insights into the Charter Academy at Pensacola State College.

Transferrable College Credit

Earn your high school diploma, an associate degree, and transferable college credit.

Free Tuition

Complete college courses with no tuition cost.

Rigorous Program

Participate in challenging programs based on your interest and academic goals.

Smaller Class Size

Experience personal attention, a caring community, teachers, peers, advisors, and mentors all on a college campus.

College Amenities

Gain access to extensive course offerings, libraries, tutoring centers, and computer labs.

Inspired Teachers

Learn from dedicated teachers committed to your success.

Career Exploration

Explore career options and work with mentors in your field of interest.

Technology Infused Learning Environment

Receive instruction through state-of-the-art technology.