Placement Testing

Free PERT testing is available at all PSC locations.

College Placement Test Scores

To be admitted to the Charter Academy, students must have appropriate scores on any of the college placement tests: PERT, ACT, or SAT. These test scores must be sent to Pensacola State College, and an admission decision will not be made until they are received. If your student needs to take the PERT test, you can contact the Charter Academy by emailing or calling (850)484-2366 to request a PERT Referral Form. 


Eligible PERT Scores:

Reading: 106, Writing: 103, Math: 114 
Eligible ACT Scores:

Reading: 19, English: 17, Math: 19 
Pensacola State College’s ACT College Code is 0746. 
Eligible SAT Scores:

Reading: 24, English: 25, Math: 24 
Pensacola State College’s SAT College Code is 5535.

Test Scheduling

If your student needs to get tested, PERT testing is available at all PSC locations. Sign up for free PERT testing here.

PERT Testing Preparation

Please follow this link to download and review a PERT study guide (pdf.)